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Amino Mason Moist Night Cream

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Inspired by the ever popular, "Mason Jar"! Experience new hair care revolution with proprietary Super Amino Acids Complex Formula. Hair is made of up amino acids, so why not replenish it back with it? Amino acids which are key components of the hair, repairs damages and balances moisture level. Night Cream repairs damaged cuticles overnight. Prevents bed hair and leaves you with manageable hair in the morning.

Leave-in cream treatment that works while you rest. Helps in resisting bed hair and makes styling easier. Its lightweight texture makes it usable during the day time as well. Can be used on both wet or dray hair.

  • 18 types of amino acids
  • Avocado oil, cherimoya extract, milk protein, raw silk, raw keratin protein, raw collagen to repair and reinforce strands
  • Shea butter, olive oil, macadamia seed oil, cacao butter, jojoba oil, murumuru and more for deep conditioning
  • Added ceramide which has the ability to strengthen cuticles, protect from environmental stressors and make hair more manageable.
  • Softens hair, repairs damages, prevents frizz and bed hair
  • Free of  sulfate, mineral oil and petroleum based surfactant.
  • PH balanced
  • Fragrance of White Rose Bouquet


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