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Amino Mason Premium Amino Shampoo for Men

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450ml / 15oz

Exclusive to Cosmeist!

Amino Mason Men’s series was created to address a variety of men’s concerns such as oily scalp, flat hair, oily skin, clogged pores, dry skin and sensitive skin. Men's sweat and sebaceous glands are much more active and delicate, while most neglect to care for the skin and hair. That is why the Men's series was created to provide a simple, one step solution to these popular concerns of men.

Formulated with excellent surfactant and super amino acid to nourish and restore damaged hair and scalp while washing away all the dirt and grease. Build volume at the roots and give hair an airy, light finish that looks soft and natural.

  • Cocamidopropyl betaine gently cleanses the scalp without stripping moisture. The non-ionic epiactive decyl glucoside extracted from plants is super mild and is ideal to clean clogged pores in the scalp. Finish is light and airy
  • Proprietary Super Amino Acid Complex to heal damaged hair with effective amino acids and seals the hair with platinum
  • Mint works as an effective antioxidant and repair hair damaged by UV rays
  • Custard apple extract nourishes damaged hair and forms a protective layer to prevent hair from future damage
  • Fragrance of Fresh Oak Moss:
    Top: Sandalwood, Amber, Wood
    Jasmine, Orange oil, Bell orchids
    Last: Grapefruit, Bitter orange leaves, Nutmeg

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