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Ayurbio Red Botanical Shampoo & Treatment Set

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520ml / 17.5oz each

Ayurbio Red series blends 38 botanical extracts including 'apple stem cell extract' from the miraculous uttwiler spatlauber apple that shows no decaying after 4 months. Also formulated with honey, raw keratin, collagen, ceramide and 16 types of amino acids. Restores hair's health from the inside and delivers hydration and gloss.

Shampoo creates dense bubbles to fully wash off any dirt and oil while delivering hydration. Treatment (conditioner) delivers plenty of nutrients and hydration to the tips of the hair to repair damage to its fullestS
Follow with hair mask for best results.
Recommended for oily to very oily scalps.

  • Infused with apple stem cell extract
  • Formulated with 16 amino acids, raw collagen, raw keratin, raw ceramide, and honey
  • Free of sulfate, petroleum based surfactant, mineral oil, and synthetic dye

Recommended for: normal to damaged hair
Scalp: very oily, oily, normal
Finish: smooth, energetic, moisturized hair

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*Imported from Japan

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