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Description New skin care brand that uses Peach ceramide water and lactobacillus for hydrated, plump skin. 18 billion lactic acid bacteria, resident to your skin, in a pearl size application A moisturizing... Delicious Peach Jelly Mask with peach ceramide and probiotics. A jelly mask with Peach Ceramide and Lactobacillus Leaves skin feeling supple, hydrated and firm Peach leaf extract (from peaches... A comfortable moisturizing toner with peach ceramide and probiotics. The moisture-replenishing toner features momo puri's blend of peach ceramide and probiotic Lactobacillus E-12 strain to...
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  • Content: 80g / 2.8oz
  • Content: 4 Sheets
  • Content: 200ml / 6.7oz