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Imju Dejavu Stay Natura Eyebrow Powder Pencil

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One of Japan's best selling eye makeup brand, Dejavu undergoes a package renewal with the same, award winning* formula. Creates natural, 3 dimensional brows that stays all day long.
 *@Cosme Ratings

  • Powder type pencil melts on contact for a soft focus eyebrow
  • Oval tip with a size of 1.5mm x 3mm allows an easy, thin & prominent drawing or a wide, soft drawing for any brow look
  • Strong against oil, sweat and rubbing. Waterproof formula
  • Each color blends a well balanced tri-color powder for natural, dimensional brows
    Grayish Brown: Brown x Charcoal x Olive
    Natural Brown: Brown x Charcoal x Mocha
    Warm Brown: Brown x Mocha X Red


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