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LET ME SKIN - Let Me Say-E Original Toothpaste

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100g / 3.5oz


  • Gum disease prevention specialist toothpaste (quasi drugs) Natural toothpaste using natural surfactant instead of synthetic additives.
  • Premium dental care, helping to improve oral health with the effect of bad breath removal and cavity prevention by using propolis elements which is effective for gum prevention.
  • Natural toothpaste with Grapefruit extract and Xylitol that provides sterilization, soothes the gum and prevents dental caries with refresh feeling.
  • Free from 6 additives such as artificial colors, SLS, preservative, fluorine, etc.
  • Contains coconut derived surfactants that suitable for pregnant women and children.


How to use:

  • Apply moderate amount on toothbrush and brush your teeth.

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