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LuLuLun Cleansing Rich Sheet Wipes

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20 Sheets

Premium, fluffy makeup removers that will change your impressions on cleansing sheet wipes with LuLuLun's deep knowledge on sheets. These wipes are made with microfiber which make them stress free on the skin but effective at removing makeup.

  • Structured in 3 layers with a hydrophilic center and lipophilic outer to effectively but gently remove makeup and impurities
  • MARSturizer™ are extracts derived from microorganisms that live in a harsh environment similar to that of Mars, approaches the foundation of the skin to retain moisture, keeping it moist and healthy.
  • Olive leaf extract grown in Tuscany, Italy is rich in polyphenols to prevent skin flare ups and revitalizes skin
  • Stable papaya enxyme wipes away dead sin cells and smooths rough skin
  • Free from dyes, fragrance, alcohol, and oil
  • PH balanced

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