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more room Air Freshener

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1 Piece
Scent Duration:
Approximately 2-4 weeks
Deodorization Duration:
Approximately 8 weeks

more room's design are simple and stylish to fit the modern lifestyle. more room 'adds=more' to the popular white musk scent to create a unique, glamorous scent to deodorize and freshen any space.

Natural plant extracts with the ability to deodorize eliminates unwanted odor. Hang this freshener in your car, restroom, or anywhere to neutralize unwanted odor and deliver a pleasurable musk+ scent to your space.

丸い小さなロゴがアクセント The circle logo isn't just for design. It effectively works together to deodorize and refresh.

MUSK + FREESIA: White musk's delicate notes works a base and adds freesia's sweet but refreshing and juicy notes for a glamorous freesia scent

MUSK + MUGUET: Pure and classy lily of the valley notes with white musk savon for a watery, clear muguet scent

MUSK + SAVON: Refreshingg fruits with white musk's delicate notes and savon notes that remind you of freshly washed linens


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