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rinRen Mint & Lemon Body Soap

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400ml / 13.5oz

An additive free, ethical body soap using spa water, Okinawan clay and 8 plant ingredients to deep cleanse pores free from impurities and oils.

  • Formula is 93% natural ingredients
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Spa water from Okayama for moisture sustainment, blood circulation and emulsification
  • Kucha clay from Okinawa absorbs impurities, promote blood circulation and provide anti microbial benefits
  • Mint oil provides odor care, anti microbial benefits and tightens pores
  • Lemon peel oil for anti inflammatory, antimicrobial benefits and works as an astringent
  • Lemon balm extract to hydrate and calm skin
  • Rosemary extract provides anti oxidative and anti microbial benefits
  • Chameleon plant provides anti microbial, anti oxidative, anti inflammatory benefits while neutralizing odors
  • Lavender extract sustains moisture and provides anti inflammatory benefits
  • Ethical brand with surfactant being biodegradable and a plant based plastic bottle
  • Free from additives, silicon, mineral oil, paraben, petroleum base surfactant, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, synthetic polymers, ethanol, sulfuric acid based surfactant and animal derived ingredients
  • Refreshing scent with Mint, Lemon & Lavender notes

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