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unlabel LAB Vitamin Essence

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Unlabel LAB uses proprietary ultra high pressure technology to create functional concentrated beauty serums with professional results.

Vitamin Essence works to improve pores and dullness.

Vitamin C is a versatile beauty ingredient with various functions such as suppressing sun spots and pigmentation, but it has a weak point that it has low permeability to the skin and is prone to oxidation. Therefore, stabilization was vital.

Unlabel Lab focused on ultra-high pressure penetrating vitamin C, which has 200% better absorption than conventional vitamin C. It penetrates into the skin and stays inside the stratum corneum for about 48 hours and maintains various functions such as brightening and anti-aging function.

To get the maximum results, Unlabel Lab focused on a high concentration of 15%.

Recommended for those concerned with:
-Enlarged pores
-Dull skin
-Skin texture

  • 100MPa vitamin C with increased penetration fills the deepest part of the stratum corneum to bring out brighter, smoother skin with less noticeable pores
  • Ultra-high pressure penetrating vitamin C has 200% better absorption than conventional vitamin C, and stays inside the stratum corneum for about 48 hours to brighten and tighten skin
  • Clinically tested to prove continued use of ultra-high pressure penetrating vitamin C prevented skin dullness and brighten the skin
  • Free from fragrance, synthetic dyes, talc, paraben, silicon, alcohol and animal derived ingredients

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