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White Mouth Dental Cleansing Paste Premium

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40g / 1.4oz

Multi-functional toothpaste using Lactobacillus and botanical extracts for a cleaner, healthier oral environment!
Premium focuses on whitening with 3 types of power ingredients.

  • Clears yellowing, plaque and tar buildup for squeaky clean teeth
  • Prevents cavities and bad breath
  • Works to whiten teeth with concentrated stain lifting ingredients, baking soda, papain enzyme and PEG-8
  • Lactobacillus prevents bad bacterium growth which causes bad breath while also improving immunity to prevent gum related disease
  • Botanical blend gently cleanses while hydrating with mint oil, spearmint oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, sword bean, mastic gum oil, soapnuts, chameleon plant and persimmon extract
  • Proprietary Lacto blend(Lactobacillus, xylitol, baking soda, apatite and yogurt) for lasting fresh breath
  • Premium Fresh Mint flavor

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